Need/ Importance/ Role and significance of HRD

·         Growth of organisation: Growth of organisation is associated with the development of its workforce. In changing situation HRD must be viewed as the total system interrelated and interacting with other systems at work: production, finance, and marketing.
·         Development of work culture: The need of HRD is felt as it improves the efficiency of employees, checks monotony at work, better communication, development of mutual cooperation and creativity of all the members comes into limelight.
·         Developing potentialities: The focus of HRD manager essentially is on enabling people to self-actualise through a systematic approach by which their existing talents are further developed.
·         Growth of employees: HRD is associated with growth of employees. It helps employees to know their strengths and weaknesses and enable them to improve their performance. The management should provide adequate opportunity for the development of human resource management for the development of their talents so that their development will benefits the organisational growth.


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