why training fails

The followimg factors have been regarded as the main reasons for failure of training programme-
  1. Lack of incentives by management-Any policy, programme or strategy cannot be successful until it is backed up, appreciated and rewarded by top management. As top management is only concerned with the factual data of production, sales, income, expenditure etc. They don't kmow the share of increase in production due to training programmes.
  2. Insufficiency of planning of budgets for training programme-Anything done without proper training, rarely bear fruits. The absence of adequate planning, training fails. Top management rarely plans budgets systematically for training. Training needs and objectives cannot be accomplished without sufficiency of funds.
  3. No Adjustment of training on production scheduling-The middle management, without proper incentives from top management,  does not account for training in production scheduling. With proper scheduling from above, first line supervisors have difficult in productionnorms, if employees are attedding training programmes. Because of both the factors, training gets little significance by top management, middle management and even by first line supervisors.
  4. Training by External institute-In organisations, where there are no staff training centres or having the tradition of sponsoring the candidates to some other organisations, external training may be lessfrutful in the sense that it does not provide the same environment of the participants organisation.
  5. Incompetence of trainers-Trainer must be professionally qualified, experienced, must have liking and respect for peopl, having teaching tactics, analytical ability and effective communication skills. But proper attention is not paid while selecting trainers. Consequently, he may possess insufficient knowledge, lack of communications, professionalism, qualifications and experience may give birth to various training deficiencies.
  6. Lack of Trainee's interests-It is not only trainer's deficiency that makes training ineffective but when the trainer is perfect and having sufficiency in his field, training may prove a failure because of lack of interests by the trainees. It is called by some other name, "Disinterested Training". Training needs proper and careful listening to what trainer is teaching.
  7. Defective Designing of Training Progamme-Physical setting of training programme, period of training, method of imparting training etc. are certain steps to be decided and taken carefully. Any deviation, will make training a failure.
  8. Minimum use of Communication Aids-The basic purpose of training is to communicate ideas, skills, methods and to develop motivational and perceptual skills of the trainees. The trainer is the sender and the trainees are the receiver of the knowledge. But, when the traiee ask certain questions, the position is reversed. Communication, in training may be of various types. Sometimes actions speak more than words, symbols, audio, video, tape records, projectors, film, etc. may also used as and when required. Training becomes unintresting and boredom results when not supported by aids to communication.
  9. Inadequate Re-enforcement and feedback-As already stated training evaluation is done by various methods. One of the methods is pre-training and post-training comparison and results may be found out. Other is the behavioural, improved learning and results-oriented approach. Without feed back, training effectiveness will be dark and dismal. Re-enforcement is also most desirable. But, the poor feedback system makes training an unsuccessful phenomena. 


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