marketing planning concept

The role of the marketing plan is to ensure that the marketing mix for the product matches changing customer needs, as well as to seek opportunities to use the company's strenghts to market other products in new markets.
Allocation of resources needs to be done for each product.
The sarting point is asking the basic question' where is the company now'. This involves a factual statement and a value judgement as to the degree of success achieved against expectation. The answer will depend upon 'facts' as perceived by the executives of the company.
The second question 'how did the company get here' , focuses on an analysis of significant events that had a bearing on the achievement of the company and its shortcomings.
The next question, 'where is the company heading' , focuese on the future, given that the company makes no significant changes in its actions. If the company proceeds as it had done in the past, what are the likely outcomes?
But the next question, ' where would the company like to be' , allows the company to compare its prediction of its future with its aspirations. It is a key planning question. If its aspirations match its predictions based on current behaviour, it can proceed as before. But its assessment may be that current actions are insuffcient to achieve where it would like to be. So it needs to ask, 'how does the company get there?' The company identifies options that make sense in the light of its aspirations. Answering the question, 'how does the company get there' provides the company with its strategy. Finally after putting into practice its new actions it periodically checks out its position by asking, ' Is the company on course?' . If it is, then the plan remains unchanged, if not, the company modifies its plans.


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