How to handle marketing plannig problems

  • Top mgmt must be committed to planning and be seen by middle mgmt to give it total support. Top mgmt should be seen insisting on implementation of what has been planned. When a marketing plan is discarded without giving convincing reasons, employees become skeptical towaeds the whole planning process. Planning should be given ongoing support, and not be treated as a short term fad.
  • How the marketing planning process is managed should be consistent with the culture of the organization.
  • The reward system should reward the achievement of longer term objectives rather than focus exclusively on short term results.
  • Depolitisizing outcomes: Less emphasis should be placed on rewarding managers associated with build strategies. Recognition of the skills involved in defending market share and harvesting products should be made. The company should recognize that it takes more skills and perseverance to defend a market share in a highly competitive, mature market than to grow a business in a new product category.
  • plan should be clearly communicated to those charged with implementation. It is useful when people who are ultimately responsible for implementing the plan are also involved in its formulation. Employees are more eager to implement a plan that they themselves formulated.
  • Trainning: Marketing personnel should be trained in necessary marketing knowledge and skills to perform the planning job. Ideallythe mgmt should attend the same training course so that they each share a common understanding of concepts and tools involved and can communicate the same terminology.


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