Discuss needs for Training

The need for training can be known from the following points which are as :
  1. Additional Productivity- Effective training cuts wastes and is helpful in more productivity. Thus it can increase productivity and cost of production be lowered which will be useful for market competition.
  2. State Workforce- Training brings confidence in employees which benefits them in discharging their work in the onganisation. Thus, the employees are satisfied with their work which further results in lesser absenteeism.
  3. Better/Efficient management- Training is used as an effective tool of planning and control. It develops skills among workers for the future and also prepares them for promotion. It helps in reducing the costs of supervision, wastages and industrial accidents.
  4. Lesser Chances of Accidents- The employees works on the equipment with care as they know the dangers of negligence, use of machines thereby every care is exercised by them which redues the chances of accidents.
  5. Change in Technological Advances- Every organisation, in order to survive and to be effective, should adopt the latest technology i.e machanisation, computerisation and automation. Technology alone does not guarantee success unless it is supported by people possessing requisite skills. So, an organisation should train the employees to enrich them in the areas of changing technical skills and knowledge from time to time.
  6. Changes in job Assignment- Training is also necessary when an existing employee is promoted to the higher level in the organisation and whenthere is some new job or occupation due to transfer. Training is also necessary to equip the old employees with the advanced disciplines, techniques or technology:
Training is alsoneeded to :
  • increase productivity
  • improve quality of the product/service
  • help a company to fulfil its future personnel needs
  • improve organisational climate  
  • improve health and safety       
  • prevent obsolescence         
  • effect personal growth
  • minisine the resistance to change
   7.     Match people with organisational needs- An employees specifications may not exactly suit to the requirements of the job and the organisation irrespective of his past experience, qualification, skills, knowledge etc. Thus, management may find deviations between employees present specifications and the job requirements and organisational needs. Training is needed to fill these gaps by developing and moulding the employees skill, knowledge, attitude, behaviour etc. So that these may serve as job requirements and organisational needs.


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