Essentials of Human Resource Development

HRD is an effort to develop capabilities and competencies among employees as well as create organisational environment conducive to the employees development. While introducing HRD in an organisation, the following requirements must be carefully though:
·         A desire on the part of the human resources to find better methods to improve quality and productivity
·         Removal of hurdles from the organisation affecting productivity of the employees
·         Requires skills, attitudes and ability in the persons engaged in HRD programme
·         Proper rapport between the HRD deptt. and the key personnel in the organisation
·         Involvement of the personnel of the organisation to get a lot of information for understanding the dynamics of the organisation for developing HRD programme.
·         The need for suggesting the introduction of only such simple methods which can be implemented by the HRD division without much costs
·         Human resource information system (HRIS) to keep continuous track of every employee and use performance appraisal
·         Member of HRD team should possess a pleasant personality common sense, imagination, enthusiasm, objectivity and the sense of humour required to induce change towards HRD
·         The HRD department must be ready to face resistance to their ideas and dispel these with facts, patience and consideration
·         The HRD department must make all the employees in the organisation understand the implications of new methods through seminars, lectures, role plays or any other method.


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