Personnel management involves two categories of function:
  1. Operative Function-The operative function essentially belong to such activities concerned with procuring, developing compensating, utilizing and maintaining an efficient work force.
  • Procurement-Procurement means recruiting the required number of employees with due qualification and experience keeping in view the importance of achieving the objectives set before the organisation. It is mainly concerned with hiring the right people, in the right place, at the right time.
  • Development- Development means activities meant to increase the efficiency and skills of the workers through training and education of employees.It includes activities like training, seminars, group discussions, education etc.
  • Compensating-Includes activities which deal with the method and standard of remuneration and terms of employment.
  • Utilizing- Utilizing means using the services of the employees to the best possible extent. It includes incentives schemes and includes schemes for sharing the profits from higher productivity.
  • Maintaining- Aims at maintaining good working condition for the employees. it includes preparation and implementation of health schemes, safety systems etc.
2         Managerial Functions- The managerial functions includes activities like planning, organizing, and co-            ordinating, directing and controlling the employees. They are performed by all types of  manager  including personnel managers.
  • Planning- A plan is a pre-determined course of action to accomplish the set objectives, it specifies what and how operative personnel functions are to be performed.
  • Organizing- Organizing calls for grouping of personnel activities, assignment of different activities to differentindiviuals.
  • Co-ordination- co-ordination is concerned with harmonious and unified action directed towards a common objectives. It ensures that all groups and persons work efficiently, econimically and in harmony. Person-to-person communication is most effective for co-ordination.
  • Directing- Directing involves managing managers, managing workers and the work through the means of motivation, proper leadership, effective communication as well as co-ordination. A personnel manager must develop the ability to command and direct others.
  • Motivating- Motivation is the key to successful management of any enterprise. A personnel manager must inculcate in the workers a keen appreciation of an organizations policies.
  • Controling- Control is the process of measuring actul results with some standard of performance, finding the reason for deviations of actual from desired results and taking corrective action when necessary. Thus, controlling enables the realization of plans.
The significance of these two varieties of functions is that one function cannot work without the others. The personnel manager has to blend the two to the desirable extent.


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