Personnel Management Policies

A policy is a statement or general guidelines for employees to make decision in respect to any course of action. personnel policies provide guidelines for a variety of employment relationship and identify the organisation's intentions in recruitment, selection, development, promotion, compensation, motivation etc. According to Armstrong personnel policies "are continuing guidelines on the approach the organisation intends to adopt in managing its people. They define the philosophies and values of the organisation on how people should be treated and from these are derived principles upon which managers are expected to act when dealing with personnel matters".
The objectives of HR or Personnel policies is described by Peter Drucker in the following words"The management must gear its policies and objectives in such a fashion that the employees perform their work and do their assigned tasks....... It implies also a consideration of human resource as having, unlike any other resource, personality, citizenship, control over where they work, how much and how well......... And it is the management, and management alone, that can satisfy these requirement".


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