what is the training

After the selection, placement and introduction, each employee be given training according to the nature of work given to him. Training increases the knowledge and skills of an employees. Training improves, changes behaviour, and attitude of employees. The training is desirable for the organization and its employees. Each type of job usually require some training for efficient performance. Employees talents are not fully productive without a systematic training programme. In big organisations young people are hired every year who do not know much about every job, even those who have learnt technical or professional concepts while at college  or technical institute, must receive some initial training in the form of orientation training regarding the policies, practices and ways of their employing organisations.
Training and Development are terms which are used interchangeable. Traditionally development was seen as an activity normally associated with managers with future aspects in mind. On the other hand, training has been associatedd with improving knowledge and skills of non-managerial employees in their present jobs. There is also the recognition that the human resource is valuable and must be developd if the organisation is to hold on to staff and retain their commitment whilst at work. One should bear in mind that even managers need to be trained in the here and now, because they need current operational skills or competencies quite apart from the qualities associated with management development.


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