Definition of Training

Training is an organised procedure for increasing the knowledge and skill of people for a specific objective which in general results in the change of behaviour and attitude. There are a few definition of training as:
  1. Dale S. Beach defined training as "the organised procedure by which people learn knowledge and skill for a definite purpose".
  2. Edwin B. Flippo: "Training is the act of increasing the kmowledge and skill of an employee for doing a particular job.'
Conclution- Training is needed for old employees whenever new machines and plants are introduced as these may have different procedure of working. Training is a continuous programme before managers who always keep their subordinates uptodate.
Every training programme should attempt to bring about positive change in the increase of:
  • Knowledge and skill addition
  • Change in attitude and behaviour
  • Improvement in the performance of work
  • Better perfornance of work
  • Reduces wastes and the number of accidents.


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