Limitations and Drawbacks of career planning

The limitations and drawbacks of career planning are as follows:
  • Career planning can becomes a reality only when opportunities for vertical mobility are available. It is not suitable for small organisations.
  • In a developimg country like india, changes in environmental factors such as government policy, public sector development, growth of backward areas, etc influence business and industry. Therefore, career plans for a long period may not be effective.
  • In family business houses, members of the family expect to progress faster in their career than their professional colleagues.
  • Systematic career planning might become difficult due to favouritism and nepotism in promotions, political intervention in appointments, etc
  • Some career do not have scope for much advancement. Employees cannot get promotions despite their career plans and development in such job.
  • Career opportunities for certain categories reach the declining stage due to the influence of the technological or economic factors. Solution for such a problem is career shift.
  • Interaction of career issues with the issues of life stage of the employee and his family, changing needs of employee throughout his life cycle complicate the career issues.


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