Advantages of career planning

  • Career planning helps the indiviual have the knowledge of various career opportunities, his priorities etc.
  • It helps him select the career which is suitable to his life style, preference, family environment, scope for self-development etc.
  • It helps the organisation identify talented employees who can be promoted.
  • Internal promotions, upgradation and transfers motivate the employees, boost their morale and also result in increased job satisfaction.
  • Each employee will await his turn of promotion rather than changing to another organisation. This would lower employee turnover.
  • It improves employee's performance on the job by tapping their potential abilities and stimulating their personal growth.
  • Increased job satisfaction enhances employee commitment and creates a sense of belongingness and loyalty to the organisation.
  • Being an intregal part of the manpower planning and corporate planning, career planning contributes towards indiviual development and organisational development and effective achievement of corporate goals.
  • An organisation with well-designed career plans is able to have a better image in the employment market, and it will attract and retain competent people.


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