Career development consists of personal improvements undertaken by the indiviual employee, training, developmental and educational programmes provided by the organisation and other institutes. The most important aspect of career development is that every employee must accept his/her responsibility for development. Various career development actions prove useful if an employee is committed to career development.
The career development actions are -
  • Job performance - Employees must prove that his performance on the job is to the level of standards established, if he wants career progress.
  • Exposure - Employees' desire for career progree should expose their skills, knowledge, qualification, achievements, performance etc, to those who take the decisions about career progress.
  • Resignations - Employees may resign the present job in the organisation, if they find that career opportunities elsewhere are better than those of the present job.
  • Career guidance and counselling - It provides information, advice and encouragement to switch over to other career or organisation, where career opportunities are better.
                                 career planning and development both are very important activities of human resource management .
                                   A career can be defined as a sequence of separate but related work activities that provides continuity, order, and meaning in a person's life.


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